NYC – Posters Galore!

I came back to NYC to discuss some marketing issues with my graphics people (aka relatives). The posters are fantastic! I am endlessly amazed at the versatility, fabulousness, and my luck in booking Mia Torres.

When I printed out my first 2 posters in Canada last year I was a little hesitant to make a second set. This time around there are no resolution issues, the vinyl feels nice and strong, and does not tear easily. I also have a bunch of lettering posters that I will finish applying the vinyl myself when I get back home. Now when people look at my booth for the first time, I am hoping they can see the hemp and silk message from further away. The lettering only posters should help a ton, just so people know my business name!

Almost life sized!

My next show is the Woodstock Fleece Festival on Oct 19th, where I am sharing a booth with the wonderful people from Lettuce Knit. These new posters will be all over my side of the wall!

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3 Responses to NYC – Posters Galore!

  1. gonerustic says:

    The new posters look great! =D

  2. Anonymous says:

    The posters are amazing!. The large one is so 3D and should attract people’s attentention.
    Clearly, the others too show so well your beautiful products.
    Good luck at the next show.

  3. Thanks! Now that I have them at home they are getting weights and grommets or rods to hang from.

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