farmablefibres Studio

Today I came one step closer to get my house repositioned to add in a studio area for my work. Have not yet solved the carpenter ant issue, so that construction will simply continue. For a while I have been using my living room, with the giant holes in the walls, as a dumping zone for yarn. Now its a chaotic mix between inventory and projects. I had a guest room that got taken over as a work room. It also used to house our considerable soft-cover book collection. The books have been catalogued and boxed up. (I have typed in 945 titles already!) Yesterday, I finally cleaned the work room out enough to bring back the in spare bed. The shelves are now lined with project yarns.

Of course, the bed will get used up right away holding pending show inventory. I have 2 more shows coming up in Oct: the Woodstock Fleece Festival on Oct 19 and the Creativ Festival in Toronto Oct 25-27. Most of my inventory is ready and boxed up.

Now that the bed is tucked back into a room, I have spaces for work/storage in 2 more areas of the house! I will move my inventory into the 3rd bedroom, and my misc project items onto shelves. The second area will now house the collection of equipment that keeps following me home! Purging will continue, but I finally feel like I am getting a handle on the amount of stuff that has accumulated in this endeavour. I can’t wait for a place to set up a loom permanently.

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One Response to farmablefibres Studio

  1. Z. Rubin says:

    looking good.
    Good luck!

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