Woodstock Fleece Festival 2013

Thanks to everyone from the Woodstock Fleece Festival who helped out and came by this weekend. I had a great time meeting new people and reconnecting with folks I haven’t seen since I came to speak in the area last year!

I’m still sick, but I’m starting to think it could be allergies rather than a cold. Blah! On the weekend I forgot a few things like my camera! Thankfully my booth mates Lettuce Knit came to the rescue. Thanks Sylvie!

Lets start with a few days earlier, I used my newly positioned guest bed in getting ready for the show.

In this show I split my booth with Lettuce Knit. I tried out a new shelving system that is bulkier to cart around but holds a lot more product. I’m also considering some kind of grid system, and I was checking out displays all over the show.

I’m still working out my booth design for the next show next weekend at Creativ Festival in Toronto. I have yarns, fibres and finished goods to display, I can’t wait! Today I am staying home to keep recuperating, tomorrow, I run around getting supplies.

Yesterday out at the farm, I was too tired to concentrate on fixing up the farmhose. Instead I went for a walk. I took a tour of the fields, they are very wet and I was assessing the edges. While I was at it, I harvested a bunch of milkpods that I will prep the fibre from for the show.


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