For many years I crafted in macrame, braiding, finger weaving and knotting. I still love it all, and even today parachute cord knotting is popular.

This is my bead stash. It looks so innocuous…

Its so easy to put these little bead and finding holders away in a corner/drawer and forget. Today though I need to see it all. I am going to take more than 50% of this stuff and either sell or give it away!

My sister-in-law is just getting into jewellery making, and I’m curious where our styles overlap, and what she is interested in first. There are bunches of beads good for some kid craft parties, that are definite give aways. I found the sterling silver findings that are still gorgeous, I may have to keep a couple to finally make something with!

I am definitely looking at the pendants with an eye for making a simple hemp necklace and selling them as quickly as possible.

I love all the possibilities, some interesting booth additions in here.

Update: Here is a picture after the purge. I’m very happy with the amount I pulled out of the “collection”.

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