Montreal Travelling

I recently travelled to Montreal to talk to the Montreal Knitter’s Guild about bast fibres and the role Ontario and Quebec had in producing these fibres in the past. I had an amazing time, and met new people as well as reconnecting with people I have only seen at the Twist Festival once or twice. Many thanks to the guild for having me. 🙂

I also got a chance to see my brother, meet a new friend and touch base with Kathryn, a vendor I know from the Twist Festival. All in all, it was a really great whirlwind trip.

On the flip rigid heddle loom, I finished more of the hemp houndstooth project I was working on while I was away. Unfortunately when I came back, two lines in the warp snapped. They are fairly close together so I quickly hemmed the project up and instead made a table runner, rather than a scarf. The yarn that snapped, was an older hemp yarn, at least a decade old. I have been saying that I think the differences in yarns can be between wet & dry spinning. But after making this project, while that may be a difference that is a factor, I think the staple length of the older yarn is very short. For now I hemmed and fringed the edges, but I will wait to wash this piece until after I finish the rigid heddle class I’m teaching on Friday. I had fun doing overhand knots on this edge.

Next up is a lace scarf in a solid colour. After I wash the above sample, I will decide whether to use the 12 or 10 dent rigid heddle.

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