NEW Pattern and a New-to-Me Loom

I have published my latest scarf pattern here on my WordPress website today! You can find the page in my patterns section and at this link here.

Once again I have been working on the leaf lace pattern that I love so much! The edges of this scarf bubble out on each leaf, and it will take a million pins, but blocking this pattern out will be worth it.

This pattern is easy to adjust for width, and will make up to a blanket sized project if desired! It takes mid level knitting skills, using stitches, like k2t, ssk, sk2po and yo. The lace is worked on one side of the knitting and alternating rows are purl rows.

I made this pattern out of my own hand dyed silk yarn on 4.5 mm needles. I would say this pattern could be made in almost any combination of yarn size and needle size, depending on your preference. I wanted a luxurious yarn that would hold up to being knitted on oversized needles for the yarn.

I managed to get the pattern on one 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheet for printing, making this a nice project for take along knitting.

I am also in the process of putting together the loom I picked up in pieces from Collingwood. I looked over the parts for a couple of weeks now trying to find the correct diagram for my parts. I also took pictures of the likeliest similar candidates from my guild room. I am about 90% complete. I can see the parts (all the cordage) I want to replace right away before I get started using it. Everything seems to be here. Its very exciting putting this little puzzle together!

The previous owner lead me to believe this loom comes from 1969. It is a Mira Nilus Leclerc counterbalance loom. The parts all look to be in good condition, I can’t really tell how much wear on the wood, but the aprons are both very pristine for something this old. There is a trip to Camilla Valley in Orangeville in my future, to get the replacement parts I need, basically for everything not wood or metal!

I can’t wait to get weaving on this already!

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