Warping the New Loom & Birdies

We are all settling into the new room well. Gator is always a happy birdie, and Rocky took a few sulky days, but now is back to preening, biting at chew toys and begging for skritches.

I have enough space to warp this loom from cones from the back, so I picked my pattern and yarn, and have commenced tieing on 506 ends at 20 epi. In the end this loom has 28″ frames so I could do 520 ends max. This time I picked a bird’s eye style pattern called the Triple Draught Bird’s Eye from A Handweaver’s Pattern Book. To add some extra visual appeal, I have 2 black pin-stripes in the pattern, and had to work out how to mirror the pattern to make everything fit. In addition to the pattern, I am using a colour changing cotton yarn that I have access to a large supply of. It is a remnant yarn that I sell, that came in with the latest shipment. I want to show off how all dyed yarn can be made to work for “ikat” warps. I try not to dye too much in the winter, I prefer to wait for Apr, and I have plenty of ideas for warps…!

Rocky and Itchy & Scratchy in the background.



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