Tapestry Loom, Good friends & Good Cheer

I like a lot of kinds of weaving! I have tapestry loom of the nails type, that I bought at the guild auction sale. Its very sharp though and no fun to use.

My loom story has to take a step backwards, to the Lettuce Knit Holiday Party last night! It was really great to see close friends and meet some new (to me) people. We had a fun time and I won some amazing fibres & yarns in the raffles. At the end of the night Sylvie gifted me with a choice of knitting looms, and I chose the one that can also be used as a tapestry loom! Thanks so much Sylvie!

As soon as I got home I hauled out my copy of Textiles of Ancient Peru and their techniques by Raoul d’Harcourt. This book was published in Canada in 1962! I am enjoying making the Brooks Bouquet rigid heddle lace, but this book has always held more scope for physically playing with fabric. The lace/manipulation sections are amazing.

Today I made a basic panel to start, using the (red) 2 ply Americo llama I won in the raffle yesterday for the warp, and a (brown multi dyed) malbrigo marino worsted single from my stash for the weft.

The llama and merino yarns feel extraordinary! I sewed in all the side yarns in different methods to see how they hold up when I wash & block this piece. I’m pretty sure that I will want to use 2 thicknesses of yarn for each run, rather than the single I tried so far.I may first try 2 thicknesses in the warp but stay with the singles in the weft….something to try next! The panels will make hats, scarves and when I find the size I like, a sweater.

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