Resolute in 2014

What a ride! The Grand Fibre Adventure continues! In the spring I will be dyeing again outdoors and adding acid dyeing alongside the procion dyeing this year. I love hemp AND I love cannabis. But they are two very different things. I also love linen, and nettle and jute, and silk, and sheep’s wool (too many to name), and all the yarns and fibres I have not even had a chance to experience. I don’t even know they exist and I love them and want to work with them.

I don’t exactly have resolutions for 2014. I have business goals, I have hopes and I have dreams. I threw the dice two years ago and this bast fibre path has been full of interesting characters and great friends.

Without the support of friends and family these past two years, I would have already stopped bashing my head against this wall! Without the support of specific awesome people (you crazies know who you are!) I would have already given up this insane rollercoaster ride.

When I am at shows total strangers think nothing of telling me how horrible it is to work with hemp and linen! How I should be doing something with more prospects, and be more popular. When I’m at activist events people tell me how awesome hemp is and how I should be making something for them out of hemp that costs less. Like every year at this, I just put these negatives behind me.

Thank you to all my dedicated friends and supporters. Thank you for buying my yarns and appreciating my hand dyed colours. Thank you for taking the time and knitting a row or weaving a pick or two, and taking a hand in the project I am making for you. Thank you so much for appreciating my art and the work I put into making it. Thank you to my friends who share their own hard-earned space with me and have given me a platform to show my work from. Thank you for having an open mind and trying to find a clean environmental path in this world of consumerism and yarn sales. And thank you the MOST to those of you who believe in me and what I am trying to do to change the way people think.

My studio is open for business! Come on by to check out the yarns and my ongoing projects. Stay for a coffee or tea and play with the birdies for bit! They love the attention and always want to help with the yarn. 🙂

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