Socks, Swants & Snargles

Socks are a mix of angle, dimensions and engineering. And I very much want to make mine out of hemp. In 2013 I even spun up a bunch of mixed hemp and nylon, and set it aside.

To that end I have finally cracked open the Kroy sock yarn I bought so many years ago for the same purpose. I’m using 3.75 mm needles, which is what the yarn calls for. Its helping get my hands used to smaller needles on a small piece of work. In the next run I will use 2.5 mm needles. At present, I’m still figuring out what kind of toe and heel I would like to use. I need techniques that so not rely on the stretchyness of the yarn in any way.

Because of this quest I find myself in the possession of the second ugliest sock in the world!

I never blocked this sock, instead I put it through both the washer and dryer to mimic what I will have to do to hemp or linen. I also failed to pick up the wrapped stitches, I knew by then, that its too much pulling (even gently) on a yarn that will cut through my fingers when I try to do it.

I love the toe and don’t really like the heel. I started the next one, using the same dimensions, but this time I’m going to put more of an afterthought style heel in.

I know this heel will work, in hemp because it turns out I’m also in possession of the ugliest sock in the world!

If I ever made the second one, maybe I could use it as a boot! A while ago tried out these two other sock and heel techniques in a hemp worsted yarn. I made this after I took a short row course by Lucy Neatby locally. I don’t like this toe, but I will certainly try out this heel in the Kroy yarn on the second sock.

On Sunday I taught my second spindle class in Toronto, then headed out for some shopping with the girls. I was checking out a few Toronto Value Village and other consignment clothing shops. On Monday I compared the local stores selection during the 50% off sale. I found that Toronto just has a different selection than locally. But far more large stores to search through. The smaller stores seem comparable, and the larger Toronto store I visited seemed awesome! Next time around I will be heading to Toronto for the 50% off sale.

I always keep a list of what I am looking for in mind during these sales. This time around I was searching for sweaters from which to make swants! In Toronto I found plenty of wool, but locally I found much more cotton. I’m doing this project along with a friend, and neither of us really wants to use acrylic. I picked up this cotton sweater.

I will need to find two matching sweaters…. The arms I am finding on sweaters will make leg warmers for me, if I’m lucky! I think I will need to stitch two sets of arms together. This will complicate my searching! And make my swants look even crazier I suspect! This one may become a bag, we’ll see what it calls me to make it into soon enough.

I also look for clothing to dye, like this lovely linen mandarin style jacket.

And jackets that I will upcycle with hemp details specifically for my girlfriend model Mia Torres.

Lastly I found this really nice linen dress. I plan to redo the bodice of this dress with some handwoven fabric.

My sewing machines will be busy!

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