Not So FrankenSock…..

I can make a mostly normal looking sock! But I made it too short, I didn’t measure enough room for the heel.

Now I have a very mismatched pair of woolen anklet socks. Hmmmm!

Moving right along, I also made a cotton sock on 3.75mm needles again. I tried out the same garter heel from the last sock, but changed it up for stockinette. And that did not work out the way I was hoping things would.

This cotton sock fits well, so my sizing is coming along nicely.

I gathered up all the 3 ply hand dyed hemp bits I still have, from failed projects. They have been frogged and I started my first 3 ply hemp sock on 2.5mm needles! I will put the garter heel on this next sock to see how it goes in hemp.

The year of the sock is well begun. My goal by the end of the year is to have a PAIR of socks made!!!

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