A Few Drifts

We are very close to personal snowfall records in the city. We measure how high the drifts get to the fork of a tree at the front of the property.

And all of this is nothing compared to the snowfall up at the farm! The farm falls within the snowmaggedon area of Ontario. The winds this year have been extraordinary and the drifts are getting extreme. We are thinking about carrying around our snowshoes in the car this winter, for the first time ever!

Last weekend I strapped on and walked around a bit to survey the ice storm damage.

And this is me in the snow drift cut through by the snow blower.

There are so many branches down this year. The upside down one is the most bizarre in this grouping.

That is my husband in the background clearing the lane.

The snowmobilers like the weather!

This is the drift by the house, about knee high.

This is the drift by the shed, about chest high! Its impossible to get this cleared without a tractor. This snow will be here till the spring…

I had to stop for a while a take a bunch of pictures.

Another snowmobile, easy to hear them coming.

A few action snow removal shots!

And its only January!

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2 Responses to A Few Drifts

  1. Anonymous says:

    come for a visit, I’ll show you some snow….

    • I can’t imagine what this year has been like for you! I refuse to go north of Barrie in Dec! I’m trying for a show in Sault Ste Marie in May, hopefully it will all have melted away by then!

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