9 – 2 – 5

My life for the next 3 months is set – I took a contract back at the uni where I used to work! I finished my first nine to five work week in three years. I walked to work (approx 3 kms, a 30 min walk), except on Thurs morning when I took the bus. I find I’ve had enough of this -15C weather, as well as companies that don’t shovel their sidewalks.

My crafting has suffered a bit because I am running out of time to do things. When I get home I’m also a bit tired! This week I have 3 guild meetings at night which should kill off my crafting this week too.

I finished my first fitted, hand-dyed hemp sock. I gave it a bit of laddering where the 2 circular needles were, but I think a wash will help align things up. Come on summer so I can give this sock a  real workout!

Before I started the job, I finished a sampler project on the new David loom. It was fun learning the ins and outs of the loom with this wee sampler project. I made a waffle weave sample finger towel, and three other people joined me in trying this out and helping warp and thread. I hand dyed the yarn in a skein rather than the warp.

It was fun working on this project and I would like to make a full sized towel now! The pattern was easy to follow once I got into the rhythm. I can see on this sample that I made only one row shorter than all the rest! As soon as this wears in it will be seriously absorbent!

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