Loom To Sell

The consequences of having bought another project loom at the guild auction, is that I now have to sell one to make space in my house. Luckily I recently fixed up my first project loom!

I am putting up my newly restored Mira Leclerc loom. It is a 28″ counterbalance loom, you can see the loom diagram here:


I would like $250 for this loom, or I would also consider a trade for a larger counterbalance loom. It is setup in my living room, and can easily be disassembled for moving.

If interested, please contact me at:


I have updated a number of parts, and begun sanding the beams to refinish it all.

It has an 8 dent reed. Also a shuttle, bobbin and reed hook.

I have been thinking that a counterbalance loom would be interesting for dk hemp blankets, and I’m keeping an eye out for a more suitable project counterbalance loom for the studio. For now I like the limitless pattern possibilities of the jack loom, and 20″ wide fabric is probably my skill limit at present. I have made 18″ wide fabric on a rigid heddle loom this far!

I have put together as many parts as I can on my new Dorothy loom. I got nuts and bolts from the hardware store yesterday. The beater bar is the next part to get parts for! The stand is almost ready, the bolts are all sized and tight, the structure itself needs some cross bracing.The loom is tied up in the bird’s eye pattern I had started on the Mira loom.

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