No Life For Me

All I do is work. Coming onto a month now, and its nice because I finally get paid!!!

I work at the “job” during the day and I come home and work at getting ready for shows and a yarn order at night. Life is quite busy.

I’m very happy with the silk yarn I dyed in a new technique. The yarn colour is dyed in an increasing interval, rather than a regular one. It took me a lot of tries to get things at the right tension to work out. Cotton and hemp are easy, but silk is surprisingly slippery.

I have been spinning. My carder is cleaned out and ready for making new fibre batts on. Two batches of overdyed hemp and dyed cotton are drying (I started with batches of orange and then blue). I am knitting up a hand spun bag of sorts for the guild challenge. I have been assembling my motor for the second swift. I have not yet sold my loom.

I (solemnly) promise to take pictures as soon as I have time, which at this point forward will be know as the time when snow stops falling…

I’m spending too much time of 2014 moving around snow and now ice.

I’m looking forward to the first show of 2014 in March in BC. This is the first year I will be able to attend Fibres West, and I’ll be in it! It has been more than four years now since I was in Vancouver? Wow I can’t remember exactly. I had an overnight layover during one of the Cali trips, but I can’t remember the last time I had enough time to visit friends. 🙂 As soon as I had bought my airfare, I was on the horn making plans!

And every night now, this comes too soon. I must go sleep and dream of the projects I will start tomorrow.

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