Made it to BC

I have arrived in BC, and today I will set up for Fibres West! I’m so excited about this show. Brand new linen and hemp fibres to show everyone. More than 50 skeins of overdyed hemp yarns. Piles of overdyed silk and cotton yarns.

I remembered my camera but not my charger… doesn’t matter! I will take pics until the thing expires. Its beautifully sunny here in Surrey BC, I won’t need a flash, and the yarn colours will show up magnificently.

Also looking forward to some knitting/spinning/weaving in the lobby just for the fun of that!

Can’t wait to meet new people, find the Terminal City Wranglers, and put faces to some names I only know from online.

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2 Responses to Made it to BC

  1. Anonymous says:

    Glad to read that you are in BC and wishing you lots of luck.
    Can not wait to see the pictures with all the yarn colours.
    Have fun and enjoy your time at the Fibres West.
    Z. Fink

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hello from BC! Got you receipt right away. Don’t you just love technology?! I’m the one you helped with finding the pattern for a knitted coat and bought some beautiful cotton! Hope you had a save journey home & to hear from you sooner or later. :o)

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