Ready For Pedestrian Sunday

It is quite liberating to start project after project.

Its all in the name of having things to demo on the first Pedestrian Sunday of 2014 in Kensington Market at Lettuce Knit! First I teach part 2 of my rigid heddle class. Then I’ll be set up on the patio with different equipment to demonstrate spinning and weaving. Forecast for Sunday is 24C and sunny. I always have a couple of knitting projects on the go, and my main loom has a silk and hemp scarf on the go.

To add to it all….

I got my mitts on a thick and thin rigid heddle (thanks Sylvie!) that I am setting up with the most luxurious yarn in my collection.

To utterly complete the decadence, I will use some of my uber precious black silk for the weft. I’m going to wrap on enough for 2 scarves and hopefully finish the project during the day.

I will be travelling to Israel in June, so before I get there, I have started crocheting a kippah/yarmukah pattern from my hand dyed hemp yarn. Unlike my hemp hat patterns, I am trying to make this project as round as possible by scattering the increases.

Lastly, I have a spinning project on the go. It is the same style of yarn as the skein I made during Wasoon up north. I’m using my Lendrum to make the thick and thin over spun multi blue yarn (merino). I’m using both spindle and my Victoria to make the thin blue (correidale) second strand for the ply.

The multi blue mreino fibre was enormously difficult to work with. Every last inch had to be predrafted, before it could be used.

I invite everyone to come enjoy the weekend with me, and perhaps do a bit of crafting or just hanging out together!

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