Israel 2014 – We Started With A Visit to Kibutzim

Just a small off topic note: I must wrap yarns from cones into skeins over the next 4 months of the show season! Its going to severely affect my crafting time, but I have plenty of travel photos to post in the next few months.

We have both lived in co-ops, so this is pretty special for us. But even more special for my mom, who has been searching for her birthplace for a few years now.

We headed out towards Afula, and started with a visit to friends in Kibbutz David, where the tour started.

The Kibbutzim are in decline as completely agrarian entities. We understand that they survive in the present using other skills than farming. This first one, Kibbutz David, does sheet metal work primarily for income. I think the population of this Kibbutz is around 200. Of the two we visited, this one felt more empty, but part of that was because we were visiting on Saturday, when people are visiting families.

They also rent bicycles!

I want a bar like this in my backyard!

Dates, but not human edible.

To the left is a school behind the trees, with a bus stop. What a view you get while waiting for the bus.

Work building (with a cool mural on it) and silo.

More sights around the Kibbutz. I found loads of old farm equipment monuments.

And some army trucks.

When we got back to the hotel we spotted something pretty funny, especially when there are two embassies for neighbours on the street.

Next we headed to another Kibbutz to consult the archives….

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