Israel 2014 – Kibbutz Yifat

We travelled to Kibbutz Yifat specifically for the archive records stored there. It was a very interesting place to walk around. This one is a larger community, population around 800.

Me and my Mom by the signs.

This Kibbutz was beautiful to walk around in, really lovely gardens.

With amusing statuary here & there.

I think at home its too prude for this adam & eve totem pole!

I bet birds would nest in these hidey holes.

These are the archives we consulted! Of course the archivist ended up being the most important part of the equation.

My mom has been searching for her birthplace for years. She even spoke to someone from this Kibbutz long distance last year with no results. This year, armed with 2 historically relevant pieces (a picture and a tree planted in birth honour document) we found an archivist to talk to face to face. After a very enthusiastic discussion, we searched for both my grandparents’ last names, and found their records and my Mom’s birth records in a hand written book from the time.

It was fun to go find the spot of the original photo. Many physical changes have occurred in the area since the original photo was taken, but we think we got the same roofline as the original photo.

We continued to walk around the grounds in our tour. I got to take many pictures of plants I have no names for on this trip!

Wheelbarrow art.

Post modern art!

And some beautiful nature.

A grapefruit! Doesn’t quite look like the season around here though.

Truly awesome pomegranate tree. I have only ever seen the fruit before this!

A wonderful picture of how the flower becomes the fruit.

I never knew that it goes from red to green to red again!



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