Full up on yarn & fibres!

I made it to NJ and picked up Romanian hemp yarns. We discussed a few weaving sizes of natural 2 ply linen yarns this time around. I am looking forward to seeing the samples in the fall!

I am show ready with undyed natural hemp yarns from Romania and Lana Knits hemp yarns colours and overdyed colours. I have hemp and linen fibres for spinning and bamboo and ingeo rovings. On the environmental side, I have silk and cotton remnant (repurposed from various industrial manufacturing) yarns. I have a few pounds of merino pencil roving remnants, that were a fun find this year. In the last few years I have also tried out a lot of different yarns, those that have not worked out are in the clearance bucket.

My next show is the Twist Festival in St Andre Avellin, QC in August.

Can’t wait to see everyone that I travel to meet!

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2 Responses to Full up on yarn & fibres!

  1. Julie says:

    I can’t wait to see you at Twist! I think your stall will be the first one I hit!!

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