Countdowns and Milestones

Countdown to my first show of 2015! T-minus 3 days and counting!

Very excited to be in Fibres West for year two. Looking forward to meeting everyone out west again! And very happy to have my products and ideas on track for this year. 6 boxes got shipped out to BC and sadly one got busted up and there has been some damage to the yarns. Good for the folks out west who will get a surprise SALE!

I passed an amazing milestone recently – I finished a 4 year old scarf. It was the piece I made between weaving 1 and weaving 2. It was also the first weaving I have ever (mistakes & all) created completely by myself. At first I was very unhappy about all the stuff I done wrong to the scarf. Its a heavy yarn and I threaded way too many ends per inch. I made amusing errors warping, like accidentally putting the yarns under the bar, and had to rethread one time over. I also busted a warp thread while I was weaving – something I understand how to deal with now….!

All in all it may have taken 4 years, but I LOVE my scarf now, and I’m glad I went through the process, that made me a better weaver today.

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