Fibres West 2015

I had such a fun time at Fibres West this year! My booth is very streamlined this year.

I had a fantastic time meeting people again from last year and new folks as well. I sent 6 boxes to BC as well as bringing 10 lbs of hemp yarns and I came back with 2 suit cases, I declare a success! I love it when I don’t have to mail any boxes back home.

In addition to the show I stayed with my girlfriend who has sheep (on a separate property) giving birth in March. We went over there in intervals to check the mamas, feed, and clean. I happily watched and took pictures.

The shepherdess and her flock – evening feeding.

Over in the pen is one mama and her baby. Such a cute lamby mimicking the adults and playing around.

The other ladies are eating their meals out of the pen in the smaller grass area. And Nervous Nelly is just behaving to type.

Lets leave Nelly for a moment and head back to the uber cute lamb.

Mama thinks I have more food for her!

The ladies are back in the pen. Lynne had to hold the little lamb (Daisy) back she would have escaped for adventures if she could!

The only still shot I managed of Nelly!

This trip was too short and I can’t wait to return again.

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