Frolic-ing and a CKAL

Last weekend was the Knitters Frolic in Toronto. Thank you to everyone who came by the booth, it was a pleasure to talk to you and exchange ideas!

Here is the list of patterns I had display items for at the show (and where you can find them):

The Amiga Cardigan in silk from Knitty

The Alcina pattern in lace cotton from Rowan

The Spring Lace top in 3ply/fingering hemp (paper copy purchase) from LanaKnits Designs

The Spring Lace top in 3ply/fingering hemp (PDF copy purchase) from Patternfish

Still to come: 6ply hemp sweater pattern details

CKAL – Cowl Knit A Long

Many people asked me about the cable pattern I have used for my cowls this year, it comes from this book.

I don’t like to use cable needles so much, I mostly drop the needle out of the stitch anyways. I am not going to be using the terms from the book, I just find it better to look at which way my cable stitch is leaning. I will be describing/illustrating how I adapted the pattern to work in the round.

This pattern works in a multiple of six. My project is 90 stitches cast on to 8mm needles. This size works great for taking pictures that you can easily see the stitches in.

Cast on your own project using the yarn and needle size of your choice. A cowl for an adult can be around 24 inches around to easily fit over the head. Bigger can be better, depending on your style. I like the 24 inch around size because it fits easily enough under my jacket, where I prefer to wear my cowl.

Step 1: Cast on your project in a multiple of 6 and mark the end.

Step 2: Join in the round insuring there are no twists.

Step 3: The first row establishes the patterning for the cowl. It is worked Knit 2 (K2), Purl 4 (P4) until the last 2 stitches before the marker.

Step 4: Bring your yarn to the back of your project so you are ready to knit stitches.

Step 5: For the cable row we no longer focus on 2 and 4 stitches. On the cable row we are always dealing with stitches in groups of 3 stitches that we manipulate, either to lean right or to lean left. The cable stitches alternate the entire length of the row and you always end with the opposite lean than the one at the start of the row. The cables rows mirror each other in the flow of the pattern.

I cheat the pattern row in the round, because it is the choice of two outcomes that I prefer. Either you can cheat the stitches, or you make your cable lean after finishing the row. I find the second choice makes the stitches

For the first cable row, the first cable stitch leans to the right. To make the cable, two purl stitches will be crossed by the knit stitch (leaning to the right) so that it is knit into first.

When the stitches are all back to the left needle, knit, purl, purl.

Working on the next 3 stitches, the knit stitch is first and this time we want it to lean to the left. I pull off the knit stitch, transfer the 2 purl stitches to the right needle. drag the knit stitch to the left to sit on the left needle and trhen transfer back the 2 purl stitches. Then I purl, purl, knit.

Repeat the cable row leans for the rest of row in the round.

Stopping here for now. But posting the rest of the pictures. I must get ready for the next show! Eats into my online time…


















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