Life is Variable

Working full time at a 9-2-5 and working full time on the yarn business is not. Working. Mostly its too much work.

This past weekend I taught advanced spinners for the first time at the Ontario Handspinning Seminar. I was super nervous, but it was AMAZING! My classes were small, something I was very grateful for. It let me have loads of interaction with everyone in the class. We learned from each other and I got to show people my love for bast,

I have an admin contract until the end of Dec and 3 more yarn shows to go. I might make it. Doing anything yarn outside of the shows is completely out, I’m changing the sales part of the site tonight. And of course 2 big things in my life is not enough. Its nice to finally have weekends to devote to fixing up the farmhouse (until late August). I would like to get it set up as soon as possible as an artist retreat! Small to start (~4 people) and eventually a weekend retreat for small groups (~11) . I can’t really set up my house for a dyeing weekend this year, but thankfully the farm is almost ready. Certainly ready for a day time event this year. The brave can come see if they would be willing to spend a night!!

I look forward to seeing everyone in the fall at the Twist Festival, the KW Knitter’s Fair or the Woodstock Fleece Festival,

PS – I am negotiating for a second hand Spring loom and will have to sell my Ashford table loom to facilitate the purchase. I will post an ad on the Warped Weavers board on Rav pretty soon (as soon as the warp is off the loom!).

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