Working On Some New Patterns

I have been making a lot of cowls lately! I was working with a thick cotton yarn, but could not find enough to sell. So I took my cowl ideas and adapted them to yarns I have available in stock! I am working on making very lacy pieces. These work very well in hemp, as the fabric has loads of room to soften up as it wears in. Some of my hand towels are very dense and while they absorb plenty of water, people don’t always like the feel (or hand) of the yarn when contemplating making an item that will sit against the skin. I am making these cowls to show off how amazing hemp can feel as a garment! And also linen, cotton, and silk. Lets see how these non stretchy yarns do!

This first cowl is from a worsted hemp yarn on 9mm needles.

This cowl is a DK cotton yarn. My first attempt at loose lace. I used a yarn over to make the “holes”. I also did the pattering as stockinette then garter then stockinette. Lastly I read the pattern backwards from top to bottom, accidentally. I love the colour and cowl size, but not the “fabric” result from this yarn.

I moved on to my favorite hemp yarn – 6 ply natural. Changed up the pattern to garter stockinette garter and made the pattern the right way from bottom to top. I also changed up the make one part of the pattern using a twist rather than yarn over. I love the result! Waiting on a second pattern to decide if the sizing works (someone asked me about doubling up the cowl around their neck. Will know better once this baby is washed.

Made a shorter version of the same cowl in a fingering cotton yarn. Still in love with how the “fabric” turns out.

The most current version is in 3 ply natural hemp. I like the feel of the yarn even before washing on this one. Another few days and I will have a direct comparison between the 6 ply and 3 ply hemp versions.

Next I will try out a silk version (double yarn and single) then a worsted hemp version in hand dyed colours!

This pattern is only available in chart format at present. If you would like to try this pattern out (I could use other testers than myself), please email me at I will send along yarn and the pattern in exchange for your sample item and comments on the pattern. I would like to keep samples for the 2015 show season, after which the product would be returned to you.

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