Many More Cowls

I finished my comparison hemp cowls! I made both the 6ply hemp cowl (posted earlier to this one) and just finished a 3ply hemp cowl in the same dimensions, pattern and needles.

Here they are side by side.

Close ups of the 3 ply version. It is light and airy.

The 6 ply cowl weighs 137.5 grams. The 3 ply cowl weighs 58.6 grams.

Today I hauled out my blue mannequin! This is the 6 ply cowl.

Doubled up, which will likely result in a longer and heavier pattern after I wash and block this sample. Plenty of room to make a 150 gram cowl I think.

And the 3 ply cowl.

This is the mercerized cotton fingering scarf.

The white DK cotton.

I also made a tightly woven cowl from the same yarn, on 4 mm needles.

I really like lace the best. Earlier in the year though, I was trying out a host of thick cotton yarns with a book cable pattern (that I have begun demonstrating in a post a few back).

These were made on needles from 7 to 10 mm. Cotton.

Wool –  handpainted in BC by Riverstone Yarns.

And a version in 6 plies of silk.

And finally, I experimented with making a shrug in cotton.


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1 Response to Many More Cowls

  1. Really love that Marigold cowl! Beautiful work 🙂

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