Marvelous Linen

Full head shot selfie. These words instill the same dread in me as big deadline or final exam due. I love being behind the camera and focusing, but I find myself taking only 2 kinds of shots in front of the camera; over the top theatrical or lump.


Great bed head!


I should smile more maybe? (Nothing is gonna help the guy behind my shoulder though..!)


Then I thought, ok extensions!


I can be Goldilocks or Rapunzel and channel my inner diva! And of course, linen is perfect for this. Linen is marvelous!

I want to show the world how amazing this fibre is and what it can do. Yes it is rough, but only at the start. It will not be quite so harsh when it becomes 10 or even 100 year old linen so beloved and cherished in families. But to last, it has to be strong. The fibre has to start strong.

Flax starts as a very delicate and beautiful plant.


There are 2 basic varieties of flax; plants for seed and (my favorite) fibre varieties. I use Louet Super Fine Flax Top. It has a 12″-18″ staple length which makes it quite a challenge to spin, my drafting zone can be longer than my arms can stretch.


To help I use a distaff. The one in the right of the picture below is my favorite hand carved antique distaff.


Spinning on a wheel or with a spindle, try both! Without a distaff there is simply more waste fibre. I started with dry spinning, but much prefer the wet spun product (once I got the hang of it). You can also try using the wet towel method, or blending with different fibres, linen makes the fibre stronger.



I like linen for many different purposes, so I spin both thick and thin yarns.


(3 ply handspun)


Natural fibres are my environmental favourite, but occasionally I love to inject and work with a bit of colour. I’m always practicing that thick and thin!



I made the 3 colour hand spun yarn in the background to try out handspun linen socks!


I never have enough, but I can’t help but use my handspun in my weavings.


I hope you will all join me in 2016 on my path to spin straw into gold, and look good while doing it!



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