Should I Block? Probably!

It is one of those questions that people ask me a lot. Should I block my bast knitting to finish it? Most of the time I just answer a very straight yes. Even though first I throw my own pieces through one washing machine and dryer load. It turns out for production knitting, I would rather not block an item as that just adds to the labour cost.

I have this bandana pattern that I have been working on, in 6ply LanaKnits hemp on 6mm needles. I don’t block it at all. It is knit in garter which helps me evade the blocking step.


But when I switched it up and made the same pattern with 3 ply hemp yarn on the same 6mm needles, the question of whether I could block or not, is no longer optional.

It took me an extra hour to add in all the pins!


Bur without blocking, straight out of the first wash & dry my bandana looked like this:


It feels very nice, but doesn’t look nice enough to sell. Also, when I try to model this, it looks wrinkled and bunchy on my head!

Words can not describe enough how superior this bandana looks once it has been properly blocked. And there is the added bonus of how good it looks and feels when I wear it!


Please do consider blocking every project. It will make your yarn and your project shine.



And since I was taking pics outdoors, here is a bit of my garden this year.






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