Fully Loaded

Who knew you could fit so much linen in a Prius? Driving around in this I feel like I’m in the clown car of linen…!




And don’t forget safety – I can still do a shoulder check, just!


So in a rough estimate I think this harvest could total 120 lbs. The expected rate to produce fibres from this mass is around 20%. So for 100 grams of sticks I hope to get 20 grams of fibre. The colour inside is quite a beautiful honey gold, not at all what I expected, I thought it would be much darker. I look at these piles of flax and wonder now, when will I get back to knitting? And how much will I need to process to weave with?!?

But then I think, oh man, this is fun stuff to be working with and I squish off more of the chuff pieces with my fingers while I make little bundles of fibres!

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One Response to Fully Loaded

  1. Anonymous says:

    Fun pictures.
    Good luck with this experience.
    Looking forward to end results.
    Sounds like a lot of fun work.

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