Loads of Pictures! Starting with the Twist Festival in St Andre-Avellin, QC

I did not have a booth in the show (in any show!) this year, which meant I could finally attend the Twist Festival for the first time in four years.

The line to enter fluctuated during the morning, we did not have to wait long to enter.


And if the line is long, that just gives extra time to oooh and aaah over the fibre animals. The endlessly cute alpaca. There were also very cute bunnies and sheep.



I had a chance to take one picture with Deb from Yarn Indulgences (nice to see a local face at the Twist again this year Deb!) before the crowds swallowed up all the available space!


OMG the crowds!



The crowds make for an incredible show! I met so many people I have not seen in a year, and this time we even had time to talk!


I didn’t really need a break from shopping, but at 12pm there was a Maypole demonstration.








A couple of short video clips to add the sound to this part of the event!

Twist Festival 2016 Maypole demonstration

Twist Festival 2016 Maypole demonstration

I worked up an appetite, so I headed over to the food tent.


Happy 5th Anniversary Twist Festival!


I managed to squeeze in one talk during the show – how could I miss Sam from Trailhead talking about plant fibres! And I got a chance to hear all the fibre and yarn terms in French, a good refresher for me.


I just love her gorgeous cotton and linen hand dyed yarns!


I had to save the best for last! Another beloved Chanvre (Hemp) seller this year!


So glad to see hemp represented, especially when I did not have a booth this year. And these folks are ready to lobby the government regarding hemp regulation and barriers to entry. This is my personal initiative as well. What with marijuana legalization being announced in 2017, hemp should be released from the restrictions to grow as well.

In the end I came home with only a pound of yarn (hemp of course!) and the dear husband still grumped about more yarn in the house. But I managed to keep most of the complaints at bay with local hard apple ciders and caramelized apple sauce!


Thanks so much to K&F for putting me up in Ottawa. This whole not working thing is cramping my style way too much, thanks for helping me expand my Quebec yarn stash! My own mill/supplier refused this shipment of yarn and now I can’t wait to see how it wears in to show them what could have been.

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