Hearts, hearts hearts, and a few more!

So here they are. All the test knitting I have been doing in the last little while that match up with the new pattern I’m testing out!

I started with a single heart in a shawlette or bandana, and moved on to hearts in a line in a three tier pattern and finally increasing hearts per tier. I have been using everything bast to test, lately focusing  on Louet linen, both yarns and fibres.


This first bandana is made out of handspun linen fibre. I have already washed and left it out in the sun to lighten up.


Louet linen Solo 3 Tier Hearts pattern in moss, stockinette and garter stitches. I love playing around with colour and texture. I was also curious if the hearts would look different in different stitches, and they do! This pic is off the needles, before blocking.


And after blocking. Ahhh the magic of blocking!


Back to handspun bast yarns. I think this is hemp that I spun up many years ago (hard to remember if I used just hemp or a blend now). A little teaser of the increasing hearts per tier pattern.


I am starting an increasing hearts per tier pattern in Louet linen and using my Kollage needles! The light green is from a batch of hand painted Eurosport yarns that were available a few years ago. Can’t wait to see how the colours look further into the piece. I may have to switch up for two more colours on the next tier…..


Another single heart bandana using up scraps of yarn.


Trying out the heart motif in 3 ply and 6 ply hemp yarn cowls. I need to see these blocked, I should work on the ends more often!


This is the test piece I brought with me to the Twist festival this year. I made it out of a brand new silk/wool blend yarn that came from the carpet guys I originally bought my silk yarns from. There are only 2 tiers in this one, I decided I didn’t like the bridging pattern I tried using between tiers. I also ran out of time before the show and didn’t want to show this piece on needles.




Another heart cowl. While I can show the heart well in pictures, but I actually added too much other lace pattering in the cowl, which makes it too hidden for me.

These last few heart pictures are a repost from an earlier blog about blocking.





If you are interested in testing out my charts for making these patterns, please message me!


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