The Lisa Loom has also arrived

Just after Labour day the first of my Louet Lisa loom order made it to my place. I ordered the small size as I like it for teaching.

Here is a box:


And all the parts that it comes with. Easy to ssemble and quick to get started weaving on. Of course I grabbed some cotton yarn for the warp.


The channels are a great depth, everything holds nicely in place while warping.




I started with a skinny yarn for the weft, but had to change-up to find a yarn beginners would have fun playing and exploring with! Thankfully, my local supplier came to the rescue. Cambridge Fibres had about 6 lbs of this fibre, that I can’t stop staring at. The change of colour once woven up was so much fun to play with.



I have all these great mini weaving tools, collected over the years.


For the first piece on the loom I used only the Louet provided tools, and added a darning needle. I also used my fingers when adding some texture to the piece. I sewed in ends on the back of the piece.


The yarn is fairly slippery, so I definitely want to sew this bulky weaving down to make the start of a case. I think this size will fit a mini ipad. But I also like it for a small pillow that I can use as a pincushion. I guess it will depend on when I find a good match piece for the other side!

I have 2 burgundy/purple fabrics on hand.


I like the colour that leans more purple, cut the edge strips and a backing piece.


I broke a needle getting the fluffiness through the machine! I sewed down a double row to hold everything in place and left a generous amount of edge to play around with later on.




I am going to slow down and pick up an overshot pattern with this yarn next.

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