More Tapestry Loom Weaving on the Lisa Loom

I can’t wait for the tapestry weaving classes I’m teaching at the Creativ Festival in (whoa) one week! I finished two more pieces on the small Lisa loom. I also started a pick-up weaving piece on the large loom that landed on my door step recently! Each one has let me test out the new yarns. The next piece on the small loom with be a mix of all the yarns.

I have many colours ready in a chenile-like yarn for the show. I want to make the largest rug I can on the extra large sized Lisa loom from this yarn (hmmm, gotta open that box). It feels so nice for covering for a cold winter floor! I plan to make the rug in a quilt inspired pattern, and I tested out the yarn with both pattern and texture on the small loom first.


On the larger loom I plan on using a thicker edge yarn to hold things in place more easily. It will be fun to try out a tapestry loom with edge floats!This yarn is the best at covering the warp yarns.



It took me the longest to finish a focused picture on the small Lisa loom. It was fun figuring out how to adapt a picture idea into a tapestry.


I was playing around with different textures and 3D effects. I ended up with a giant pile of ends on the back.


I have a new camera attachment for my new phone. I was playing around with the macro lens and my weaving. I think I like this first one for a banner.



The next piece will be on the large Lisa loom.


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