Crafty Girl

I like to do. I like to know how it works, and if I could do that. Welcome to my adventures in starting an environmental fibre business with vegan leanings, as well as a recycled silk yarn sideline.

I caught the crafting bug early, learning to sew by hand from my grandmother and learning to knit and crochet from my aunt. At age 18 I discovered the SCA, and learned to card fibres into yarns and weave them into beautiful pieces of trim. And rebellious teen that I was, I hated that medieval hand carding! Fast forward to 5 years ago and I rediscovered knitting, spinning and weaving all over again, this time with modern equipment and the internet. I quickly completed Weaving 1 and Weaving 2 classes with my local guild and have been avidly experimenting weaving techniques on all kinds of looms ever since!

I enjoy introducing people to the craft of weaving & spinning. There is such a rich history to this seemly simple act that we perform, taking fibre and making it into a piece of cloth.

I personally like to work with VEGAN fibres & yarns. I also like to work with re purposed silk, and all these yarns & fibres fall into the non-stretchy yarn category. I specialize in bast fibre applications.

I work in many kinds of mediums. I like to take bits of knitting and add them into sewing pieces! I like to use handspun yarn as piping. I like to dye up yarns & every kind of blank I can get my hands on. I love to knit, crochet, macrame, braid, weave, spin, cook, read and in general craft.

I’m allergic to a big list of chemical and environmental issues/things but I’m just lucky that wool is not on the list. I understand about allergies though and how frustrating it can be to find alternatives.


2 Responses to Crafty Girl

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  2. gonerustic says:

    I love your work – off to find you on Facebook now! =D

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