All patterns by farmablefibres and Daf.

I tend to use 18th Century lace patterns and put some kind of spin on them. I have my own range of non english pattern books ranging from next door Quebec to Finland and Japan. I use charts at present, rather than written out patterns.

This summer I will be taking a class for writing patterns in english in language geared towards the magazine industry. I will then adapt into other languages, written out patterns are coming!

I have a few more patterns to PDF and post, this first posting is the shawl pattern I posted last year so people will not need to search through my blogs to find it.

NEWEST!!! (Edited Mar 20, 2015) Diamond Leaf Rectangular Scarf


Diamond Leaf Lace Washcloth pattern (4 across)

Diamond Leaf Lace Washcloth pattern (10 across – small)

Diamond Leaf Lace Washcloth pattern (10 across – large)

Cotton Washcloth Swatch

Cotton Washcloth Pattern 01

Cotton Washcloth Pattern 02



2 Responses to Patterns

  1. Sandra Liddle says:

    I met you at the needle craft show and just have one question regarding something you had on display but no more kits available. I was looking at the Lana knit pullover in the natural yarn. If I wanted to order this how can I do this?

  2. Hi Sandra, I go pick up that yarn personally from my supplier in the US. I am teaching every Friday in Nov, I will be trying to get there in Dec. What kind of timeline have you got in mind for starting this project?

    The best way to contact me for an order is via email:

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