Full up on yarn & fibres!

I made it to NJ and picked up Romanian hemp yarns. We discussed a few weaving sizes of natural 2 ply linen yarns this time around. I am looking forward to seeing the samples in the fall!

I am show ready with undyed natural hemp yarns from Romania and Lana Knits hemp yarns colours and overdyed colours. I have hemp and linen fibres for spinning and bamboo and ingeo rovings. On the environmental side, I have silk and cotton remnant (repurposed from various industrial manufacturing) yarns. I have a few pounds of merino pencil roving remnants, that were a fun find this year. In the last few years I have also tried out a lot of different yarns, those that have not worked out are in the clearance bucket.

My next show is the Twist Festival in St Andre Avellin, QC in August.

Can’t wait to see everyone that I travel to meet!

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Jaffo Port, Israel – June 8 – Part 1

On Sunday we headed to Tel Aviv to be tourists. We started our day touring the ancient port of Jaffo.

The view started in the parking lot with murals.

We are right by the water, and there were no seagulls! Not many birds at all, it was a bit odd. This raucous fellow was one of the only birds I got on camera.

It was interesting to walk along the docks.

At least there was this magnificent specimen!

One of the highly visible structures of this Port is the lighthouse.

Its like the Life of Brian come to life here. I keep thinking some old man or woman will throw open the shutters and say something incomprehensible!

Now it is time to climb.

On the way up there were a lot of interesting sites and doorways to see.

Its a lot of walking up very uneven stairs.

The walk to the top was totally worth the effort!

Church clock tower.

Next we explored the area around the top of Port Jaffo….

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The last part of the tour on June 7th

On the way back from the Kibbutzim we made a few stops. First a restaurant called Limozine. The food was incredible and the decor was extremely eclectic. The place was packed, so no chance to walk around and take pictures!


The view outside was spectacular.

Later that afternoon, we headed to another family house for a visit and a tour of the vista points where we could see the West Bank. This is the first point.

From this second point we could see the buildings of Tel Aviv in the distance (in the last 2 pics).

In the next part of our adventures we headed to explore an area that is 4000 years old!

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Israel 2014 – Kibbutz Yifat

We travelled to Kibbutz Yifat specifically for the archive records stored there. It was a very interesting place to walk around. This one is a larger community, population around 800.

Me and my Mom by the signs.

This Kibbutz was beautiful to walk around in, really lovely gardens.

With amusing statuary here & there.

I think at home its too prude for this adam & eve totem pole!

I bet birds would nest in these hidey holes.

These are the archives we consulted! Of course the archivist ended up being the most important part of the equation.

My mom has been searching for her birthplace for years. She even spoke to someone from this Kibbutz long distance last year with no results. This year, armed with 2 historically relevant pieces (a picture and a tree planted in birth honour document) we found an archivist to talk to face to face. After a very enthusiastic discussion, we searched for both my grandparents’ last names, and found their records and my Mom’s birth records in a hand written book from the time.

It was fun to go find the spot of the original photo. Many physical changes have occurred in the area since the original photo was taken, but we think we got the same roofline as the original photo.

We continued to walk around the grounds in our tour. I got to take many pictures of plants I have no names for on this trip!

Wheelbarrow art.

Post modern art!

And some beautiful nature.

A grapefruit! Doesn’t quite look like the season around here though.

Truly awesome pomegranate tree. I have only ever seen the fruit before this!

A wonderful picture of how the flower becomes the fruit.

I never knew that it goes from red to green to red again!



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Israel 2014 – We Started With A Visit to Kibutzim

Just a small off topic note: I must wrap yarns from cones into skeins over the next 4 months of the show season! Its going to severely affect my crafting time, but I have plenty of travel photos to post in the next few months.

We have both lived in co-ops, so this is pretty special for us. But even more special for my mom, who has been searching for her birthplace for a few years now.

We headed out towards Afula, and started with a visit to friends in Kibbutz David, where the tour started.

The Kibbutzim are in decline as completely agrarian entities. We understand that they survive in the present using other skills than farming. This first one, Kibbutz David, does sheet metal work primarily for income. I think the population of this Kibbutz is around 200. Of the two we visited, this one felt more empty, but part of that was because we were visiting on Saturday, when people are visiting families.

They also rent bicycles!

I want a bar like this in my backyard!

Dates, but not human edible.

To the left is a school behind the trees, with a bus stop. What a view you get while waiting for the bus.

Work building (with a cool mural on it) and silo.

More sights around the Kibbutz. I found loads of old farm equipment monuments.

And some army trucks.

When we got back to the hotel we spotted something pretty funny, especially when there are two embassies for neighbours on the street.

Next we headed to another Kibbutz to consult the archives….

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Time Is Running Out

Next week I go to Israel!

I finished another yarn on Sunday. It was a fun project to work on. This is the second bubbly yarn I have made, The first one made from merino feels decadent but looks very sedate. So I created this electric blue yarn the same way. The skein will sit in Lettuce Knit with a caption about making Art yarn! I need to check the yardage on the bobbin and knit up (hopefully) a headband, or else a cuff.

I used a flash to take this photo,

And this one had a bit too much light, the blue colour is somewhere between these extremes.

I got this rigid heddle project started. I intend to finish the first one in time for my last class on Sunday, so we can practice hemming on this additional piece.

The first 8″ panel is complete, all black silk for weft. In the next panel I will do a clasped weft and alternate between the tan silk and the blue hemp in the centre panels between black silk panels.


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Ready For Pedestrian Sunday

It is quite liberating to start project after project.

Its all in the name of having things to demo on the first Pedestrian Sunday of 2014 in Kensington Market at Lettuce Knit! First I teach part 2 of my rigid heddle class. Then I’ll be set up on the patio with different equipment to demonstrate spinning and weaving. Forecast for Sunday is 24C and sunny. I always have a couple of knitting projects on the go, and my main loom has a silk and hemp scarf on the go.

To add to it all….

I got my mitts on a thick and thin rigid heddle (thanks Sylvie!) that I am setting up with the most luxurious yarn in my collection.

To utterly complete the decadence, I will use some of my uber precious black silk for the weft. I’m going to wrap on enough for 2 scarves and hopefully finish the project during the day.

I will be travelling to Israel in June, so before I get there, I have started crocheting a kippah/yarmukah pattern from my hand dyed hemp yarn. Unlike my hemp hat patterns, I am trying to make this project as round as possible by scattering the increases.

Lastly, I have a spinning project on the go. It is the same style of yarn as the skein I made during Wasoon up north. I’m using my Lendrum to make the thick and thin over spun multi blue yarn (merino). I’m using both spindle and my Victoria to make the thin blue (correidale) second strand for the ply.

The multi blue mreino fibre was enormously difficult to work with. Every last inch had to be predrafted, before it could be used.

I invite everyone to come enjoy the weekend with me, and perhaps do a bit of crafting or just hanging out together!

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